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CFU Double Wall Series

CTD's counterflow fiberglass unistrut (CFU) tower is an aesthetically pleasing tower design that can blend more easily into its architectural surroundings than its traditional brace and frame counterpart, yet it is also capable of packing a powerful cooling punch.

An innovation in cooling tower structural design, the "CFU" cooling tower utilizes larger FRP structural shapes than the traditional brace and frame tower design and can span greater distances between column points resulting in fewer overall vertical columns, horizontal tie-lines, joint connections, and anchor points. One of the most unique features of the CFU design is the multi-functional double wall panel. This heavy duty wall panel is incorporated into the structural fabric of the tower and is designed to transmit loads to the tower base. This feature is referred to as a "Shear Wall" design. Other features of this wall panel include an interlocking tongue-and-groove design, which allows for increased stability and prevents water leakage and air by-pass, which results in improved tower efficiency.

The CFU design has proven to be flexible in both its structural and thermal applications. Thermally, the CFU cooling tower can be equipped with a number of different fill media from high efficiency or low fouling film fills to splash and even ceramic tile fill materials. Structurally, the robust design of the CFU tower can withstand greater dead loads and is capable of handling the weight of ceramic tile fill. For extreme wind, seismic, and snow loading, the "Shear Wall" feature of the CFU design is more than capable of withstanding such natural forces.

Because of its unique features, the CFU tower is suitable for either industrial or HVAC applications. However, because of its aesthetically pleasing design, the CFU tower blends easily into its architectural surroundings. The low-profile smooth casing appearance does not draw attention to itself, but blends in as being a part of the facilities mechanical equipment. Additionally, should the end user desire, the double wall casing can be supplied in a custom color to match surrounding architectural buildings and features.

CFU Series Cooling Towers
CFU Series
Who said cooling towers had to be eyesores? Our double-wall towers can provide you with the industrial-strength cooling you need without compromising valued landscapes.
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