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Generic Marley Gearbox Replacements
"A" Series Drives for Cooling Towers

The "A" Series right angle gear drives for cooling towers from AMARILLO GEAR are designed as direct replacements for the Marley® Cooling Tower line of right angle drives. Since there are no differences in the critical mounting dimensions, the "A" Series will make gear drive replacements easy. Gear housing foot patterns are identical, eliminating expensive tower gear drive support modifications.

The input shaft diameters and keyways are the same, so existing couplings and drive shafts do not have to be replaced. All service ports are also easily accessible. Reduction ratios are within +/- 2% of the Marley® reduction ratios, eliminating the need to make costly fan pitch adjustments.

Marley® Model Amarillo Model HORSEPOWER RATING
Series 20 - All Models
20.1, 20.2T, etc...
A20 20 25 30 35                          
Series 22 - All Models
22.1, 22.2T, etc...
A22           47 53 60 70                
Series 27 - All Models
27.1, 27.2T, etc...
A27         40     60   75 80            
Series 32 - All Models
32.1, 32.2T, etc...
A32                       160          
Series 34 - All Models
34.1, 34.2T, etc...
A34                         180        
Series 36 - All Models
36.1, 36.2T, etc...
A36                           200 220 230 250
Series 38 - All Models
38.1, 38.2T, etc...
A38                                 250

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